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Low-end gaming mega-guide

Submitted by /u/admin#2 Posted on /b/gaming

Hello, here is a big guide i recollected, with my experiences and stuff described so you don't make the same mistakes as i do.

Will WINE affect performance?

No, WINE only translates WINAPI calls into POSIX calls. It does not emulate everything unlike, ahem. QEMU. The performance overhead is only noticeable on CPUs from 2007 or earlier. Sometimes WINE runs faster than Windows. So don't worry about it; if you need to make it fast you can disable debugging:

export WINEDEBUG=-all

This will make WINE very fast.

More RAM == More performance?

Partially false. Sure, having more RAM will speed up sometimes (like if you upgrade 1GB to 4GB). Normally what matters is not how much RAM you have. But rather how fast you can access the RAM. A 8GB DDR4 RAM is better than a 16GB RAM from 2001.

It complains about OpenGL X.Y version not supported!

libmesa (Linux) can save you... if you use it of course.

First, here is a general outline of the functions you may want to use:

export MESAGLVERSION_OVERRIDE=X.Y Overrides the reported GL version. libmesa should emulate the non-existant functions. Replace X.Y with the minimum required version of your game. Note that you should not go crazy. Setting it to 2.1 is better than setting it as 4.5. If you for example use 1.4.

export MESAGLSLVERSION_OVERRIDE=440 You may want to set it up as 440. As all shaders from 140 to 440 will be available. Shaders are basically what makes the "bloomy" effect in games and such (There is more in-depth technical explanation of them, since they also control vertices and more complex shit).

export LIBGLALWAYSSOFTWARE=1 Makes rendering go to the CPU instead of the GPU (USE AS LAST RESORT, STUPIDLY SLOW!).

Is X GB/MB of VRAM good enough?

You should check that your graphics card is dedicated, if it is integrated your GTA 6 will run at 1 frame per year. Integrated graphic cards often rely on the motherboard RAM for operating. And thus consequently slower as they depend on an external device. Discrete graphic cards often come with their own RAM they can use faster.

Integrated === Square in motherboard

Discrete === You can unplug it from the PCI thingy.

However most modern integrated GPUs (post-2009) can be as efficient as a discrete GPU.

I have an Intel i9 / AMD Ryzen XXX and a game from 2005 runs slow as fuck!

Old games are often left unoptimized and they are single core. Meaning they only use a CPU at a time. Your i9 has like 16 cores, but the game only uses 1; so consequently it's slower.

Your graphics card should take care for most of the rendering, so this should be rare, and most modern CPUs are able to optimize away and outperform a 2007 CPU anyways.

If you ever encounter this, your best option is to find a patch which makes it multithreaded.

What is better, faster CPU or more RAM?

Fast CPU. But having RAM can also help, for example having 1 GB RAM is certainly not-good.

Can i have multiple GPUs at once?

Yes, you can, just have multiple displays ;). They will run on the same CPU tho, but you should not worry as basically virtually every person on planet earth has a multi core system due to global economics.

Here is a small shell script you can use to run your game:

export WINEDEBUG=-all



wine64 $1

Then run it as:

./script.sh path/to/my/game.exe

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