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Presentation and General Rules

Submitted by /u/Zolotoy_I#50 Posted on /b/1st Politics and Debate Board

This is a board dedicated to debating issues of politics. No matter your political opinions, you're welcome here!

There are a few rules, though:

1- No advertising without permission.

2- No porn.

3- Death threats, doxxing, asking for personal information, harassment, brigading, and other such things are not allowed.

4- Calls to action are banned, no matter where they come from.

5- When presenting your opinions, or what you believe to be fact, no matter how horrendous it may be, be civil. Do not act in bad faith.

6- More rules will be added upon community consultation.

7- Acts considered to be spam, flood, etc. are not allowed.

This post will be expanded overtime as (or may I say, if) this Board grows. If you're a new subscriber reading this, please follow these rules, and have fun!

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Submitted by /u/admin#2

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